Emprum Gloss Black UM3993 Ultimate Gps Receiver For Ipod Touch, Iphone, Ipad And Desktop/Laptop Computers

Manufacturers: Emprum

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Emprum Gloss Black UM3993 Ultimate Gps Receiver For Ipod Touch, Iphone, Ipad And Desktop/Laptop Computers

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Product Description

Emprum's UltiMate GPS plugs directly into the 30pin dock connector of your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and can be used with your PC as well.

The GPS receiver is powered either by your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, or over USB from your computer or wall charger.

How do we differ from the competition?

Emprum's UltiMate GPS provides a real 5Hz location update rate for app store apps. The competition may claim a 5 or 10Hz update rate, but only works at 1Hz with app store apps. The UltiMate GPS also uses a dependable and proven GPS engine that is known for its high accuracy and fast lock times.

The receiver comes with the free UltiMate GPS App available on the App Store with which you can fully control your receiver, including its LED indicators. The UltiMate GPS App provides compass and satellite views, satellite signal-to-noise ratio , firmware updates and more.

Visit the Emprum website for full product and user manuals for the UltiMate GPS receiver and the UltiMate GPS App, and for drivers for your PC.

This receiver is enabled to use AGPS data for even faster cold start lock times down to 15secs. The receiver is designed around a well-proven MTK chipset that has 51 satellite tracking channels and that is DGPS enabled and the receiver retains most recent satellite data after power-off.

The included USB cable with quick-connect button is custom designed by Emprum and allows for a full 2.1A charging current .

This receiver works on all iPod touch models , all iPhone models and all iPad models as well as your PC.

Note: This receiver does not provide internet or WiFi access and is best used with applications that do not require a continuous internet connection.

  • Turns any iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or PC into a state-of-the-art GPS receiver. High quality product, designed and assembled in the USA!
  • "Made for iPod" certified by Apple. No need to "jailbreak" your iOS device. Comes with the free UltiMate GPS App, available on the App Store , giving you full control of your receiver. Works with most, if not all, location-based iOS apps available on the App Store. Also works with your PC , delivering standard GPS NMEA sentences over USB to your PC for use in navigation or location-based PC software .
  • Use it in your car, on your bike, on your boat or in a plane. Use it for geocaching, hiking, golfing, cycling, running, or any other outdoor activity you can think of. Works great with apps like Navigon, TomTom, RunKeeper, Geocaching, Fore Flight, ESRI ArcPad, and many, many more.
  • Powered directly from iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, or via USB cable from PC or wall/car charger. Includes 1.2m USB cable with quick-release button and 2.1A charging capability. USB cable allows for on-the-go charging and syncing of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. WHEN USB CABLE IS PLUGGED IN, GPS ENGINE WILL KEEP A SATELLITE LOCK, EVEN WHEN SWITCHING APPS!
  • Small and portable with a high-quality glossy black finish. Works with most protective cases, vehicle mounts and other fixtures. Only receiver on the market that provides real 5Hz update rate for iOS apps . AGPS and DGPS enabled. Accuracy: 2.5m, max altitude: 18000m, max velocity: 515m/s, max acceleration: 4G. Two bi-color LED status indicators . Fast GPS lock times : 1sec , 30secs , 35secs .