SleuthGear SA-DD802 Dd802 Defender Simple Personal Bug Sweep Detector

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SleuthGear SA-DD802 Dd802 Defender Simple Personal Bug Sweep Detector

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Product Description

Get Maxi-Tech Protection for Maximum Protection against the latest Technology Advances in Wireless Eavesdropping & Hidden Cameras! Meet the New "Spy Hawk"Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro Defender The Premium Personal Bug Sweep for the Consumer Market This is the Latest Release and Newest Advanced Technology Available in a Portable Hand Held GPS, RF Bug Sweep & Camera Finder! Wholesale Dealer Inquiries Welcome! Is your Car Bugged with GPS Tracking? Going through a Divorce? Think your Home, Office or Car is Bugged? Find out Quickly with the Most Advanced New "Spy Hawk" Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro Defender Bug Sweep Scanner This New Arrival is Built to our Highest Standards of Quality, Performance & Effectiveness! Have you ever been in the Military? Involved in any Legal Matter? Recently served with Divorce Papers? Do you Travel & Stay in Hotel Rooms? Afraid Bathroom may have Cameras? Possible Voyeurs in Dressing Rooms? You're NOT ALONE ANYMORE! Protect Yourself and Take Control Features GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices All Types of Concealed Transmitters Hidden Video Cameras Computer and FAX Eavesdropping Transmitters "Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters Bumper Beepers & , Body Worn Transmitters ALL TYPES OF "INFINITY" DEVICES Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro Bug Sweep Detector Lets You Detect AND Prevent Wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function Wireless cameras Wired cameras Tracking device for vehicles GPS vehicle position finder To detect hidden camera surveillance the Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro emits pulsating strobe light which is then reflected from hidden camera lenses. The Maxi Tech Pocket Pro will then indicate the presence of hidden cameras and you can also see the reflected light with your own eyes.
  • Find out if your home or car is bugged quickly
  • Features computer and fax eavesdropping transmitters
  • Detects all types of concealed transmitters
  • Locates wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function