TomTom Black & Gray 1V00.580 Go 510 4-Inch Bluetooth Portable Gps Navigator Discontinuedmanufacturer

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TomTom Black & Gray 1V00.580 Go 510 4-Inch Bluetooth Portable Gps Navigator Discontinuedmanufacturer

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Product Description

Product Description The TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator improves upon TomTom's line of all-in-one portable navigation solutions that work straight out of the box. The 510 features a new cutting-edge design that includes a high-quality, extra-wide, four-inch LCD touch screen that offers the ultimate in readability and ease of use.

The Go 510's wide array of functions ranges from detailed maps of the U.S. and Canada--all pre-installed on a 1 GB SD card--to clear spoken turn-by-turn directions to a handy Bluetooth hands-free car kit that lets you make and receive cell phone calls simply by touching the screen. All this in a compact, lightweight body that measures a mere 4.2 by 3.1 by 2.5 inches --the perfect size for moving from car to car, or even storing in a backpack.

Linguists can't help but admire the Go 510's versatility, as it not only speaks some 36 languages in more than 50 different voices. To determine a location, simply enter a street and house number, a postal code, a city center, or an intersection, and the Go 510 determines the quickest or shortest route to get you there. Should you want your trip to follow specific parameters--such as avoiding freeways or toll roads--the Go 510 follows along by recommending an alternative route. Users can even preview and test TomTom's proposed route before setting foot in the car.

Of course, not all trips go from point A to B, which is why the Go 510 allows you to plan an entire itinerary before leaving the house. Need to make 15 stops while driving to your sister's? No problem. And should you miss a turn or instruction, the TomTom instantly recalculates the route and provides all-new directions. Plus, it's possible to access millions of points of interest, including restaurants, parking garages, movie theaters, amusement parks, and more. If you're running low on gas on a long drive, don't fret, as the Go 510 can locate the nearest gas station in seconds.

The Go 510's unique touchscreen activation eliminates the hassle of dealing with extra buttons or unnecessary hardware when calculating a route. And thanks to the high-quality 4-inch LCD screen--which delivers crystal-clear 3-D graphics, a 480 x 272 pixel resolution, and 64,000 colors--you'll feel in control wherever you are. Users will also dig the screen's anti-glare coating, which ensures an optimal view at all times, even in direct sunlight.

Even with the touchscreen, GPS navigators can be tricky to figure out. That's why TomTom included an extensive guided tour that explains how to get the most from your purchase, along with a batch of useful onscreen tips. And if you're not crazy about the default onscreen interface, you can customize the status bar to show only the information you need.

The Bluetooth connection is another user favorite. Not only can you connect the Go 510 to your mobile phone or headset for hands-free calling, but you'll enjoy such features as echo cancellation and noise reduction to ensure topnotch communications. And answering calls couldn't be easier--just touch the screen when a call comes through. The external microphone, meanwhile, optimizes the quality of your voice, ensuring the people on the other end have no trouble understanding you.

As if that weren't enough, the TomTom Go 510 is also compatible with a wide range of TomTom Plus services and downloads , including real-time traffic info and weather reports, access to a host of city and regional maps, downloadable audiobooks for long drives, thousands of extra points of interest, and much more.

Other features include a speeding alert that tells you when you're going too fast, an iPod connection for 3rd generation and later iPods , and a home dock that cradles your Go 510 while you download info from a PC or Mac. The device also carries a two-year warranty.

What's in the Box
TomTom Go 510 GPS navigator, SD card, carrying case, home dock, car charger, windshield dock, external microphone, product code card, documentation pack , user's manual.

  • High-quality, extra-wide, four-inch LCD touch screen; perfect size for moving from car to car
  • Includes detailed maps of the U.S. and Canada--all pre-installed on a 1 GB SD card
  • Speaks 36 languages in more than 50 different voices; Bluetooth integration
  • Instant route recalculation, trip planning via PC, and massive points of interest database
  • Measures 4.2 x 3.1 x 2.5 inches